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The Salt Palace convention center and the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek are frequently requested venues for events. Cigars and a cigar roller feature for corporate parties are great for guests after a long show while relaxing and networking.

Cigar roller at Salt Lake golf dinner


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Included in many of these events are custom cigar bands with the company logo reminding everyone in a subtle way of who threw the party.

Cigar rollers are a popular feature because it's a unique experience that most people have never seen before. now with this service you will be bringing that experience to your guests. The impression and the visual aesthetic of having a cigar roller at an event brings the entire affair to a new level, with a classic flair that most events never achieve.

The CF Dominicana cigar rollers are brought to you exclusively by contract because of their good looks, presentation and knowledgeable education to cigars. The attention given to presentation is so strong that your guests will be enamored and impressed long after the reception is over. Enjoy.


Custom cigar labels are always includedWedding cigar bands are included with all cigar roller events

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Cigar rollers at wedding reception

Cigar rolling at wedding


Salt Lake Cigar Roller, Wedding, Golf, Corporate, Trade Shows, Custom Cigar Bands Labels, Approachable and inte, pleasant cigar rolling artisans using Dominican imported cigars.

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Salt Lake Cigar rollers are available in the cities below to promote the CF Dominicana brand. ALL CIGARS ARE IMPORTED, NO CIGARS ARE MADE IN UTAH

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